20 abr. 2013

Beautiful people in Sondondo's Valley; It is so a land of Chimaycha Pukllaycha where he eats up rich rascal and rich small peaches, small people with few inhabitants with hearts immensly big.

What Chacralla Amaycca takes place in my small community.

Lo que se produce en mi pequeña comunidad Chacralla Amaycca.

It is a group of persons or members of the family, who organize regularly when Chacralla Amaycca shares works of the field and crafts in community in a confidence dialog and applying it to his daily lives.
Es un grupo de personas o miembros de la familia, quienes se organizan regularmente a compartir trabajos del campo y artesanias en comunidad Chacralla Amaycca en un dialogo de confianza y aplicándola a sus vidas diarias.

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